From an Introvert’s Diary:- 7 things that only an Introvert can feel!


Talking? Later! Let’s experience some silence for now.

We all have people who are way too reserved, quiet all the time as if they are in a different world and always anxious when out in public as if this world is nothing more than Jurassic Park. (Couldn’t be more dramatic).

Here are 7 things you can feel only if you are an introvert.

    Going out and dealing with people isn’t an introvert’s cup of tea at all. They would rather just flip the cup, sit inside and hide. Down with ‘hideous’ syndrome.
    Young man with hands over face, looking through fingers with one eye, close-up
    The thought of constantly being judged all the time even on the slightest of things is what keeps going inside an introvert’s mind. They may show up late for the party, but would be the first one to leave! Their mind is a beautiful place of thoughts about self and situations they’ll probably never be in. Being alone doesn’t have to be depressing every time. For introverts, it’s a time to reflect and recharge!  Meanwhile… Ahem ahem!
    If an introvert meets another introvert, what would they talk about?
    Constantly advocating about silence silently is an introvert’s unintended way of telling you to appreciate silence and JUST SHUT THE TALK UP!
    A mind deep into thoughts and heavy observations, and a body relentlessly producing introvert juices, wouldn’t entertain conversations!
    One of the biggest happiness’ of an Introvert’s life is the gathering or outing plans being chucked. Call it their idiosyncrasy, they would literally dance around in joy (obviously when nobody is seeing them doing that).
    No matter what, comfort is the most precious thing to an introvert. The same person may be funny or humorous on social media but too spooked-out when met or dealt in real. Struggle comes into picture when its time to be independent and to step out of the homes, I mean, comfort zones. Going out of comfort zones can be legit exhausting for them!Introvert7.png
    Your friends who are introverts are still your friends even if they do not talk to you much. They are still your group mate even when they cancel plans and make several reasons to opt out. Don’t judge. It’s nothing but their undivided love for self. This doesn’t mean they like to travel alone (obviously), but they just feel better being with their own selves at home, or at libraries, or in parks or at….home yes!


  6. BUTTERFLIES, RATS…and what not in stomach!!!
    Its totally difficult to imagine how an introvert deals with the day. Being out of home alone, first time and without the permanent residents of the residence called “Comfort Zone”, its a real battle. That weird chest pain and tickling can only be felt by these born observers trying to fit in this fast forward world.
    Two words- Phone calls.
    Keeping the day to day struggles aside, even making or receiving calls is a task and you would often hear from them complaining about it. Call them ignorant or rude for not picking up your phone calls, they have a thousand reasons ready to suffice that in which “Text me, don’t call” tops the list.   Of course, there is more to these 7 things. Things that only they know they feel. And believe me, it just takes a lot to come out of the shell. But for now, all this, from an introvert’s dear diary.-Anuj

Diwali: Pleasure turned into Tradition.


We do an action, we practice it and we term it as a tradition. Despite of knowing the reality and the facts associated to it, we still choose to ignore for the sake of our personal pleasures and with no remorse at all!

So, the festive season and all that jazz is back and has also brought in a controversy along- The Supreme Court’s decision of imposing ban on firecrackers till 1st November 2017 in Delhi-NCR. While many people are extremely supportive of this small step towards change (including me), there is a major proportion of people who are completely opposing the ban. I feel its all subjective. We all vary in our opinions and how we perceive things. But after going through various statements and trying immensely hard to understand what the people on the other side have to say and in what all ways they were trying to vindicate, my opinions got stronger and more rigid.

We have been celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers ever since we were kids. Our excitement and curiosity  used to be way bigger and heavier than that bag full of crackers. At the same time and at the same age, we were taught about how we are majorly contributing towards environmental degradation by burning crackers. Yes, we were kids then. But now the time and the circumstances are no longer the same, not even near.
Diwali is celebrated because Lord Rama had returned after spending 14 long years in the jungle. Upon his arrival, the people of Ayodhaya lit Diyas, decorated the entire city with lights and wall hangings, and distributed sweets. Surprisingly, they didn’t have gun powder or Ammonium nitrate back then to make crackers. Then for what good reason on earth do we call bursting crackers a “tradition” on Diwali? Calling personal pleasures as tradition doesn’t really make them one right!

Not only this, people are considering the ban as a threat to religion. Have we gone so shallow that we are comparing HUMANITY with RELIGION? I know for the fact that once this situation of global crises goes out of hand, it won’t only kill Hindus or Muslims or any other religion selectively.


I know that pollution is not only caused by firecrackers and firecrackers are not only used on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. There are numerous sources which constitute pollution and there are many occasions where firecrackers are heavily used. But controlling one variant, for a particular time period, can make a huge difference! Ain’t doing something that would help us survive more better than knowing all the negative consequences and still choose to do nothing about it? Its about one night and the next day the hospitals are glutted with people seeking treatment for respiratory ailments.


Isn’t this fair enough? One one hand you call them needy and on the other hand you still choose to make them feel deprived of their basic needs. Rs 90,000 straight into fire which could have been wisely used to buy them their favorite things that could make their childhood memorable and special!

The problem here is not only that the “sole entertaining source of Diwali i.e. the firecrackers” (as cited by the famous novelist and public figure, Mr. Chetan Bhagat) have been banned but majorly of hypocrisy too!


Hypocrisy has a major role to play here in this controversy. People are linking the ban on firecrackers with the ban on vehicles too because they too emit pollution. We all need to understand there is a difference between a NEED and a WANT. Needs can’t be substituted and compromised but can be upgraded, altered and modified whereas wants can be let off. Vehicles are a need! Technology is pouring in, CNG is rolling in and we are developing alternative solutions to curb the vehicular pollution! But how are firecrackers a NEED? Have we become too selfish and ignorant just for the sake of our “entertainment”? Are we really fascinated by seeing the firecrackers bursting, by bearing all that tumultuous noise and inhaling toxic air?
Here comes the hypocrisy– People protesting against banning the vehicles just as the crackers have been banned temporarily, majority of them don’t even follow the “CAR FREE DAY” that is celebrated on the 22nd of every month!

This is as good as protesting against animal slaughtering on Eid when you yourself are an avid non-vegetarian.

It’s time for a massive revamp of our culture and festivals. Change the way you celebrate them. Make use of the education that has been imparted and stand out to make a difference. I am sure many of us will still burst crackers (Just like him, see the image below), but even if one individual doesn’t, it will be a remarkable contribution towards a better future.
So he says that the court has just put the ban on ‘selling’ of crackers but not on ‘bursting’ them. They have collected as many as 90K Rs as donations to distribute free crackers so that the kids in slums can burst them. Sigh. #WhereIsOurNationHeading ?

The point here is, we can’t manipulate the facts for the sake of our own fun and then coin them as traditions. Think! Where are we heading? We dream of an extra-ordinary 2050 and to be a super power one day, but are we really working towards that direction and with the required pace?
Do your bit! Be Proactive!

Don’t forget your Right to Breathe!

And amidst all this Diwali controversy, I came across some actually senseless posts that had NO relation with festivals and cracker ban!

Disclaimer:- Scroll at your own risk. #FacePalmALERT



I am pretty sure that most of you would have a different point of view on this firecracker ban controversy and way opposite to mine. But, to each his own. #Subjectivity
I hope I was able to state my thoughts in the most clear way possible which may have galvanized you to some extent.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Stay safe and healthy! #MyRightToBreathe #ISupportFirecrackerBan #HappyDiwali #Proactive #ThinkFUTURE

Where are you looking for your happiness?

Some days are such when no mornings set in the shine and brightness, no matter what time of the day it is. Its dark and cold all over. Despite of what the weather it is outside, there is always a turmoil going inside- an emotional turmoil. Something that keeps us glued to those thoughts, something that doesn’t let us escape to a more peaceful inner world as they are always flowing, hovering and going on in our mind.

People take so much interest in our lives that they forget they too have one..or apparently a more miserable one. We are so easily affected by what others think of us that our own opinion about ourselves starts fading away. How easily we forget that it is OUR journey and it is us who face the ordeals and come out shining.

I, personally, never really stood up for myself. Now, that I have learnt that it is up to me how I would want to make myself feel, I have started  working on myself not to get affected by anything or anyone. Somebody told me the other day- “Your happiness is in your hands. And if you go out for looking it in others, you never really had one!” I have been a convenience. I have been an option. But I have never let myself down or at least I won’t now.
Something that is best for us will always be average or uninteresting for others, probably because either they don’t understand your journey or you don’t understand them. In either case, why should we even care? Ask yourself! Are we here to please everybody we meet? Few will like you, fewer will love you and many will hate you and just when you focus and drain yourself over those “many”, you give up the power to enjoy what and who you are and that is exactly when the self-respect factor goes for a toss!

Liked by few.
Loved by some.
Hated by many.
Yet ignored by none!
– (Ahem Ahem, that is my solely my composition!)

Over these years, I have learnt one thing greatly. As long as you comfortably own and accept your flaws, nobody on this earth can use it as a weapon against you. Things happen to us as we literally ALLOW them to happen to us. Is our own self peace and harmony too easy and soft to get targeted by people who don’t matter to us for even a slightest of bit? Love yourself for who you are, because if you yourself wouldn’t..then who else would?


Trust me, its one life, one chance to get it all done. Either be a puppet or a master of your wishes! And throughout writing this blog, a line that inspires me in a way has been occupying my mind amidst all those thoughts that I had been trying to get it here..So here it is- “Thodi si yaari-yaara raahon se nibhaale, apne bhi toh kabhi apni chala le!” (Familiar yourself with the pathways of YOUR life, at least for sometime, somewhere.. think, act and stand up for yourself!)



We apologize, for they have forgotten that they too have mothers and sisters.
We apologize that this country is no longer led by ‘leaders’, for they are all merely ‘politicians’.
We apologize that it still fears you when you are alone, be it even your home or elsewhere.
We apologize that it is you who has always been at fault.
We apologize!

We condemn that we live in a country where we worship the goddess and at the same time break her soul.
We condemn that the same mothers who gave us birth and the same sisters who give us love are also used in abuses to the core.
We condemn that we being men are still fearful about our mothers, sisters, relatives and friends.
That you still don’t feel safe with us and haven’t been able to feel stronger.
We condemn the helplessness and hypocrisy.
We condemn!

We regret that you regret to be a woman.
We regret that parents still fear to raise and bring up a girl child,
That our society has always been questioning you, your existence and your life.
We regret that you have been helpless and fearful all these years.
That this shall still continue…
We regret!

Not everyone is same. Just like the 5 fingers of the hand are different, likewise we all are.

No man is same. No woman is same.
Not all men want her body. Not all women want his money.
Not all men are lusty. Not all women are so called ‘available’.
Not all men rape. Not all men are rapists. Yes, we exist.


-Anuj Trehan

#MyRightToBreathe -WAKE UP to this ALARM! Is it ‘VISIBLE’?


We are currently living in the moment when the entire day seems like an evening- No sun in the sky, dusty air, no freshness, traffic, noise and mindlessness.
We always wake up when the alarm hits us. Until then, we are all the time in our sound sleep, dreaming, enjoying and not caring about the world. Quite relatable no?
A same situation has prevailed of late in our very own city, Delhi. We people have been sleeping, dreaming, moving, enjoying and certainly NOT CARING despite of the buzz by numerous alarms time and again. Be it crime rate, air quality, cleanliness or choosing the right candidate for Delhi’s responsibility (pun intended), we have been evidently sleeping all these years.

Like every year, Diwali is celebrated with a great pomp and show. There’s fun, frolic, greetings and festivities all over which serves as the real essence of Deepawali. Crackers and fireworks fascinate many but there’s a thing to be realized- What fun does it give by burning crackers? There were numerous people burning crackers and enjoying themselves this Diwali and then there were many of them who were wearing masks and then burning crackers. Sigh! Does the smog and noise attracts us too much that we are unknowingly becoming cruel to our own motherland? Or are we failing to do anything else that brings out and holds the real essence of a festival?

As per the facts and resources, the capital’s air has slipped into the ‘hazardous’ category post the festival, which means that the people are more prone to be affected with dangerous diseases and ailments like breathing problems, skin and eyes irritation and many more. The city has turned into a gas chamber. As the latest news hits in, many schools and institutions will be shut for the next 3 days due to the dropped levels of air quality we are breathing. Moreover, many road accidents have happened owing to this never-ending smog and negligence. People are buying masks to prevent themselves from air borne disease and have chosen to stay behind the closed doors for a while.

Think once, why should we do anything that will definitely make us resentful and remorseful in future for our own deeds? Isn’t it good to be right now than being pretentious in future and doing all the good to cover all the wrongs? We all are liable and stand on the same level of ignorance and carelessness as each one of us have contributed to this situation in some or the other way.

We can’t always blame the culture and the Government for all the loopholes that have been solely built by us over the years. Its true that our Government is showing uber slowness and negligence towards the issues, but the change begins from ourselves. Why to wait for the Government to take up the needful measures when we together can make a lot of difference. Are we simply giving up on this? Or will we just sit in front of the TV sets, condemn and criticize and not take any actions? Its rightly put- “When there is a will, there is a way!”. There indeed is a way only if the willingness is present among all of us collectively. I won’t discuss here the measures we can take to curb the Delhi pollution individually as we have been taught the same in ‘Environmental Science’ back in school. Each one of us is wise. The only thing is that those values and ethics need to be re-inculcated and our views and words have to be turned into actions towards a better and secured future.

I hope this blog has instilled a bit of motivation and a piece of mind to all the readers and I wish there comes a time soon when we all stand together and untied towards these evils of society. Let’s wake up to this alarm and ignore the ignorance this time!




People-ology: The study of temporariness.

Welcoming the anthropologist version of myself, though not literally.

All of us are associated with each other in some or the other ways. No matter how, where and for how long, we just call it destiny, or at least I do.
Humans are simple, their needs are predictable and wants are specific. But people are complex, their needs are unpredictable and wants are influenced. I won’t talk here about the evolution of humans, their development and culture they dwell in, but I would rather talk about their nature, their faces and their behavior. In short, I would talk about people and not about humans.

They say, “Everything is temporary- moments, scenery, people. Do not get attached, just live and go with the flow!“. As and when I came across this quote, it influenced me so much so that I felt that there has been a sudden change in the way I associate with people and the notion I carry about them. Recalling my school days, I still remember the way I used to get attached with people so easily and deeply that their sudden absence used to hurt me. I used to question their unpredictability and used to find faults in self. Over the time, I was in a phase of self-degradation and self-doubt. I changed my ways of living and leading just to ‘fit’ in their expectations and crossed oceans for whom I thought would reciprocate the same for me when the time comes. And then when my expectations became disappointments, yes it did hurt that immature soul.

Time is the greatest teacher. It’ll teach you and groom you so well that you won’t look back even if it compels you to. I mean you may turn back but you won’t walk towards it. Talking about my Mr.Time, he has been a great teacher all through these years. One fine night, a question pops up in my mind while I was gathering myself. The question was- “How can I question the permanence of anything in this world even when the natural creations aren’t permanent? Forget people!”. People for whom I thought were the eternal part of my life are now rather just a phase. They will come, teach you how not to be exactly like them and then they will go. I, personally, consider people as instances of life just like we experience seasons. Astonishingly, my Mr.Time showed that people outshine the periodic seasons. Their tendency to change is much faster than the quarterly changing seasons. Just a single detachment from their zillion of expectations and there you are. “Do not sweat over seasonal people”- Mr.Time recalls me.

People are not bad. They are just seasonal. Adding onto this, “You cannot rely on anyone in this world. Even your own shadow leaves you during darkness!”.

Life’s a flight, everyone you meet has a role to play. Be welcoming on their arrival and thankful during their departure so that the airline called life can take off and reach to a whole new destination with it’s ultimate passenger- you. Let the flight fly high. Let it fly through thunder storms and cherish rainbows. Let the journey be bumpy so that you know how to change the gears to make it smooth. Just do not stop and keep yourself at halt. It is meant to fly and you are born to fly! MOVE ON!

“If you want come into my life, the doors are open. If you want to go from my life, the doors are still open. Just one thing, don’t stand at the doors, you’re blocking the traffic!”



Well, this is something new that has turned up on WP lately. Before this I actually used to think WP is only for writing blogs and sharing ideas. Undoubtedly, this one does too and I’m kind of loving this trend.
First of all, thank you Nikita ( for nominating me for this award.

Nothing in this world actually exists without some rules and so does this exciting thing:-

1.Anybody nominated can nominate up to seven other bloggers.Anybody nominated answers three questions. The questions you ask while nominating can be any three questions.

2. If any of the questions asked are offending or simply do not want to be answered, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

My answers:-

1. What is the silliest funny memory from your childhood?
Answer: I still remember when I was in First standard, I had been kind of a favorite student/child of my class teacher Ms.Shalini. She always used to address me as “Dear”..just like “Dear, nice work!” , “Dear, come here!”. I being a little child with a yet-to-grow kind of a mind, I always thought she used to call me “Deer” (which is an animal). Secretly, I too kept a nickname for her. I thought if she calls me “Deer”, I’ll call her “Bear”. And, whenever I recall her, the only thing comes in my mind is “Bear Ma’am”. (Yes, infusion of bear and ma’am together pictorially).

2. If you have a day to enjoy everything at Mall for free, at which section you’re most likely to be?
Answer: If such a rare thing happens, you’re most likely to find me at Food sections (for starters) and later to electronics and gaming arcades. No I ain’t gourmand but I just like to savor my taste buds every now and then. I mean who doesn’t enjoy free food? 😛
No, I will not let the food stores run for their ration and electronics ones for their stocks, but the more the merrier! 😛

3. You wake up and you find that the world has turned into your favorite movie/novel fantasy. What would it be and why?
Answer: If it all this happens, I will be the protagonist for sure! (Ah! Flamboyance at its peak!) If my world turns into my favorite BOLLYWOOD film, it will be “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. Just Imagine! People waking up early, not for going to their workplaces but for their favorite adventure sports and retreats! Ah, that! And if it turns into my favorite HOLLYWOOD film, it definitely has to be the HARRY POTTER SERIES. The idea gives me excitement and curiosity of using my favorite spells and curses on people. Let me give you an idea- I would have turned corrupt politicians into Pokemons and would have closed them in their Pokeballs for lifetime. Would have used “Tergeo” to make India clean and green and also a spell to bring our freedom fighters back to life!

*Following are the  questions for nominees:

Well , the above 3 questions are extremely good! So, I want my nominees to reply the same questions .

I nominate :
1) Rahul Singh

2) Akshay Naidu

3) Joker Shayar

4) Akshat Gaur

Thank you so much to everyone who reads this. I hope I didn’t bore you up and kept you interested at all times! Happy Blogging! 😀

Tell them today that they matter!


There are some days when you need to be hugged a little tighter and for a whole lot longer. Not all days are your days. You know, life is so complex to understand. The moment you try to use your mind over it, it flips with a blink of the eyes and then there’s an echo of its devilish laugh. Personally, i have stopped making my attempts to understand it and have chosen to just go with the flow, unquestioningly yet with a ray of hope and curiosity.

For me life is a fruit salad. A blend of all fruits with different tastes mixed together where each fruit has something to do and that, not all fruits are your favorite ones. Some fruits taste sweet, some are citric, some are bitter while others have a bad appearance. We live by tasting each fruit every time but the unfortunate part of this is that it is pretty unknown to us when the fruit salad bowl gets empty!

Of late, I lost someone so close to me.I lost my grandmother. I was devastated, helpless and felt as if all the miseries of the world have chosen me this time. Not exaggerating much but I have become stronger over these 2 months of life may be because this had never happened with me before that I lost someone who used to stay with me and was so close to me. Frankly, that scene still gives me chills and a layer of dismay and repentance spreads all over. Everything becomes black and white, cold and dark.
So last night I happened to see her in my dreams. She was wearing pink and looked pretty as always! She hugged me and blessed me while i wept with my head slightly relaxed on her shoulder. She told me something but I forgot and I know she would come again soon. Woke up this morning with my thoughts completely glued to it and with a strong wish if it could have been for real. Only if it could! And this served the purpose of writing this blog today.

I will not at all get you emotional but would rather inspire you with something by keeping my emotions at bay. Let’s face it. We all argue with our parents at some or the other time on even the pettiest of the issues and it is kind of okay in today’s time because they understand and love us. We try to avoid our relatives when they are too nosy and overly concerned. We fight, ignore and gradually disconnect ourselves with friends who have been in our thick and thins at all times. Trust me, it is not us at fault but our circumstances. In this age of social media fever, where getting likes on Facebook profile pictures give us more happiness than watching childhood photographs with siblings, where that one “special”‘s mention in your Twitter notifications leave you feeling more loved than a gentle kiss on the cheeks by mom and where Gmail and LinkedIn notifications leave you more proud than a pat on the back by dad. True to the core no? We spend a too long of our time on things that will lead us nowhere but if that time is spent with our loved ones- its surely a blessing which is denied to many.

Missing someone? Call them. Remembering someone? Message them. Want to patch up? Now is the time! Want to confront something? Do it! This fruit salad bowl is too small for living without people you love and admire. Try to transfer the happiness you gain from your social media to the happiness you get when you are with your family. They may not increase your Facebook likes and Twitter followers but would definitely increase the love and time you all share with each other. Try to reciprocate that affection, concern, care and togetherness that they fill you up with. Just try at the initial stage!
Go hug your parents and tell them how much you love them. Go hang out with your friends and let them know how important they are for you. Go kiss your grand parents before it is too late.I am kind of repenting that I couldn’t tell her that I love her a lot but then not everything has to be told as it is automatically understood. She may not be at home but she already has a room in our hearts, an apartment in our thoughts and a mansion in our prayers.

Don’t get late. As soon as you are through with reading this blog, you know what you have to do. Hug out all differences, kiss out all worries and let words create a magic before its too late! 🙂

Things and People: From the eyes of a beholder!


For somethings in life, we don’t really require our eyes so that we can see them. This is because we need a vision and not the sight every time. I ain’t discouraging our beautiful eyes. Its one of our 5 senses and without them our world is dark. But here, somethings in life our beyond the clearest eye sight. I mean, the ones who see them are blessed with eternal happiness and that you would be able to relate as and when you reach to the end of this blog. I’m sure!
Have you ever thought that the human heart is multi talented? Not getting onto the biological side of it because I was never a biology student, but by what i mean requires no such qualifications for you to understand and to relate. Our heart is probably one such organ which does a plethora of things at a time. It also does all those things which it never was made for- it thinks, it listens, it speaks, it feels, it breaks, it shatters, its hurt, its taken for granted, its lost, its recollected and it sees..yes it does! So all in all, it too is blessed with 5 senses! 😛

Somethings are seen by the heart which is ignored by the eyes. Lol, no one here is selectively blind but what I mean is-our eyes see but our heart captures, our eyes watch but our heart feels, our eyes notice but our heart remembers it, all this with its own eyes. And by this, my love to quote everything with examples gets high on me- You are on your way to somewhere and are stuck in traffic. On the red light, a little poor kid comes to you and begs for money/food. Completely woeful, dirty and suffering from malnutrition.  Most of the people here would just see a beggar coming and doing what he is best doing at. But you know there is beauty too? Its hidden in his eyes hoping you would save him from starving. Its there in his mind that he came to you thinking that you would help. Its there is his actions when he is trying to explain you what he wants. All this, only if the heart has eyes.
A mother giving birth to a child- that’s something not all of us would have seen but yes we can imagine. Thanks to the movies! Mother in pain, Doctors in haste, relatives in hope and the child crying. A normal case scenario isn’t it? Where is the beauty? Its there in the mother’s relief from the pain which we men can never experience and is highly inexplicable! Its there in the doctor’s help which is not ordinary at all! Its there in the relative’s hope and prayers for everyone’s well being. Its there, more importantly, in the child’s entrance in a completely new world. Its there in that delicate soul and a tiny body which is able to attract happiness from all over just by his shriek and energetic crying. Heart melting no?

We see what our eyes make us look but we are what our heart makes us feel and capture. Someone’s outward beauty is nothing if they are blind from inside. You think you are fat, ugly, overly slim that you look malnutritioned, short, overly tall to fit in, hairy, bald- but this is what the world makes such standards not that supernatural force that created us. Sometime soon just aware yourself with the FACT that soul is beautiful and not the body. The body’s beauty totally depends upon how well you create it- by hitting the gym, by putting fairness creams and stuff like that but the soul remains unaffected and untouched.
Once you understand that everyone and everything is beautiful in their own unique ways and that we just need those HEARTy-EYES to see, you will be eternally happy and at peace because in the end what matters the most is if we are happy in this bipolar world! 🙂

Anuj Trehan

His transition: From heart to mind!


He has learnt to put a smile when there’s a turmoil going inside,
for he knew one curve can set everything straight.

He has learnt to put an opinion even when it doesn’t correspond with what he ever felt within,
for he kept people above himself at all times.

He started looking for happiness in people,
ended up being lonely.
He turned people into homes,
ended up being homeless.

He thought it is okay to just let things happen in their own way,
for he knew not only people but the time takes its time too.

He waited because he cared.
He stayed because he hoped.
He wanted because he believed.

Away from  everything and everyone, the memory strikes him back.
Things become same but have taken a different face from the crack.

But this time,
He didn’t wait because he didn’t care.
He didn’t stay because he didn’t hope.
He didn’t want because he didn’t believe.

Because, this time
the mind ruled
while the soul relived, and
the heart gave up.

-Anuj Trehan