Are we missing on our ‘real life’?


A great person once cited “Don’t just live life, participate in it instead”. But it really makes me think that our we really living a ‘real life’?
We humans are extremely adaptable. We begin, adapt, experience every new change and still ask for more. Over the years, we all have evolved in great horizons whether it was for the good or for the bad. Technology has driven us so crazy and in such a way that today we are too much dependent on it for even the pettiest of the issues and has made us reach far beyond from what we really were then.
Gone are those days when playing outdoor games with your gang were the days of sheer bliss. The weather didn’t really used to bother us because it was always playing over homework, studies and staying at home. The only difference that has come up in today’s time is the same old gang of friends but with a common LAN connection, mobile phones and yes of course, the Mini militia. The stress of missing a day without playing with friends was more than getting likes on our Facebook profile pictures. When deciding what to play took more time than deciding what to tweet, you know those days were good! Have we really replaced that real time spontaneous laughter with Whats App jokes? Have those discussions about our favorite sport persons or actors got superseded with Twitter or Facebook? Have we really supplanted those chit games like ‘Detective-Killer’ and ‘Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi’ with ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and ‘Mini Militia’?
Today, our mobile phones control us more than we control it. It has become more precious than those moments shared with family (Really? Don’t we all have family Whats App groups? :P). It has become our shadow- its either in our hands or in our pockets or in bags for some, its everywhere even when we go to the washroom (For some people :P). Not that we can’t live without our phones any longer but we really don’t want to give it up for some hours either. In the end, are we really living a ‘real life’ in this age when we are more into  our virtual life? A life where we are more into putting check-ins and uploading selfies rather than enjoying the moment? Certainly no. While many of you may be able to awaken your conscience and would agree to me but for the rest, each to their own.


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