The mankind has been ‘man-unkind’ for long!


A sudden thought strikes my mind every time I look at those ever-standing tall trees, those ever-flowing silent rivers and that enormously spread fading sky. The thought is not always that how important they are for the mankind but it is how far they have been tolerating their nuisance. It makes me think desperately what if the nature could speak, to which my inner conscience replies “The mankind would weep!”.

In the entire evolution of living beings on Earth, only the natural vegetation is such which can’t express itself. Of course animals to some extent can express themselves but then its too not enough. Only we humans experience emotions, exhibit our feelings and then act accordingly. But is having advantage over others make us superior and misuse them? Certainly yes- because that’s what we all have been doing. Ever imagined yourself being slaughtered into pieces or breathing foul air or having garbage thrown over you? Unimaginable no? But ain’t we doing the similar with other living beings? Had it been the case where the nature could speak, then it wouldn’t have been just “speaking” and as the saying goes “ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS would ever do” so lets face it!

Having known that we have been unkind with the nature, we humans ain’t tired yet. By this we aren’t anymore only being unkind but also inviting the worse side of nature. The nature has finally started showing how powerful it is when it comes to doing the same what we have been doing with it over the years! Experiencing frequent earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, tsunami and more, has turned out to be the nature’s most dreadful and deadly warning for us and make us realize of our sins. High drought situations prevailing in India, global water scarcity, the Nepal, Japan and Ecuador earthquakes, the Mumbai and Kedarnath floods, California Tornadoes and what not! Isn’t this enough to give us a wake up call?

Here, it must be made clear that I don’t intend to make others feel guilty by portraying myself as a clean soul. Yes, I too have contributed something to this changing side of nature just as every human has done, but it’s better late than never. Its high time we all must wake up, join our hands and do something to pacify the nature for our sins. After all it ours, as much as we are for it.


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