Don’t just breathe! Live it!

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“Thank your God for showing you another day in life! It’s a privilege denied to many!” – Anonymous.

Logically, life is made up of days, days are made up of hours, hours are made up of minutes and minutes are made up of seconds. But if we see on a closer look, life is made up of instances, instances are made up of experiences, experiences are made up of moments and moments are made up by ‘YOU’! (You can thank me later for this definition of life :P).

We all define ‘life’ in our unique ways (just like I did) and surprisingly, not only its meaning but also the way we all live our lives is way different from each other. However, the journey is same for all until the final destination, but the routes are disparate from each other. Let’s face it, we all have challenges to face, opportunities to seize, weaknesses to overcome and people to keep happy at all times. And yes, all of them are quite a task! I came across a quote long time back which said: “God gives its toughest challenges to its bravest soldiers!”.To be very frank, this made me think that we all have challenges to tackle with, ordeals to experience and the right to be weak at a point of time but not all of us are the real soldiers here. This is because many of us (may be you too) consider ONE BAD DAY as ONE BAD LIFE! You fear one bad day and you think “Its all over!”.Such people tend to over think and tend to go towards the dark side (Depression and Suicide).
Breathe people breathe! It was just a “DAY” of your “LIFE”, just some 24 HOURS out of your NUMEROUS HOURS! Not all days are the same! You never know what the next day has in store for you! The purpose and the crux of a novel doesn’t come out when you just go through a single page of it, but it does make sense when you read the entire novel!

We all have some or the other problems in life. But guess what? The more we think about it, the more we create them. Just live your day to the fullest because for every problem we have a solution (My Mathematics teacher used to say this problem-solution line :P)! Remind yourself to be happy! Remind yourself that the remote of your happiness is in your hands and nobody on this earth is in-charge of it except you. Remind that you deserve to be happy! Being in depression and entertaining negative thoughts won’t help you as much as being in happiness and welcoming positive thoughts will!

To conclude, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”!

Happy living! 🙂 Say yes to life! Say yes to happiness! 🙂


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