This time he speaks up!


No one knew him better than he himself, for he knew and could feel all what was going inside.

No one knew how faking a smile could be so real until he made one, for he knew fake would undoubtedly comprehend with fake people around.

He came, they stared.
He talked, they ignored.
He walked, they laughed.
And little did he know that he can be his own best friend.

As life took a turn, the time had already taught him a lot, greater than anything and more than anyone.

As he looked behind, tears ran down his eyes but they didn’t weaken him at all, as he knew he didn’t lose anything but gained a lot.

Now away from his past, he finally dwelled in his present. This time, not just breathing but living too, not just existing but getting noticed too.

Now a bit stronger, for a lot more longer. He ain’t no more the older one.
Call it the age or just the time, it was a quick transformation from inferior to prime.

Now, he smiles and goes on where his life takes him.
Away from those foul mouths of discouragement and away from those unfortunate souls, as he continues to gleam even in the dark!

Keeping his feet firmly on the ground with eyes on the stars, he often thinks about future.
But for now, he smiles and continues living with a hope, with a pinch of faith and tinge of curiosity!

Anuj πŸ™‚


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