His transition: From heart to mind!


He has learnt to put a smile when there’s a turmoil going inside,
for he knew one curve can set everything straight.

He has learnt to put an opinion even when it doesn’t correspond with what he ever felt within,
for he kept people above himself at all times.

He started looking for happiness in people,
ended up being lonely.
He turned people into homes,
ended up being homeless.

He thought it is okay to just let things happen in their own way,
for he knew not only people but the time takes its time too.

He waited because he cared.
He stayed because he hoped.
He wanted because he believed.

Away from  everything and everyone, the memory strikes him back.
Things become same but have taken a different face from the crack.

But this time,
He didn’t wait because he didn’t care.
He didn’t stay because he didn’t hope.
He didn’t want because he didn’t believe.

Because, this time
the mind ruled
while the soul relived, and
the heart gave up.

-Anuj Trehan


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