Things and People: From the eyes of a beholder!


For somethings in life, we don’t really require our eyes so that we can see them. This is because we need a vision and not the sight every time. I ain’t discouraging our beautiful eyes. Its one of our 5 senses and without them our world is dark. But here, somethings in life our beyond the clearest eye sight. I mean, the ones who see them are blessed with eternal happiness and that you would be able to relate as and when you reach to the end of this blog. I’m sure!
Have you ever thought that the human heart is multi talented? Not getting onto the biological side of it because I was never a biology student, but by what i mean requires no such qualifications for you to understand and to relate. Our heart is probably one such organ which does a plethora of things at a time. It also does all those things which it never was made for- it thinks, it listens, it speaks, it feels, it breaks, it shatters, its hurt, its taken for granted, its lost, its recollected and it sees..yes it does! So all in all, it too is blessed with 5 senses! πŸ˜›

Somethings are seen by the heart which is ignored by the eyes. Lol, no one here is selectively blind but what I mean is-our eyes see but our heart captures, our eyes watch but our heart feels, our eyes notice but our heart remembers it, all this with its own eyes. And by this, my love to quote everything with examples gets high on me- You are on your way to somewhere and are stuck in traffic. On the red light, a little poor kid comes to you and begs for money/food. Completely woeful, dirty and suffering from malnutrition. Β Most of the people here would just see a beggar coming and doing what he is best doing at. But you know there is beauty too? Its hidden in his eyes hoping you would save him from starving. Its there in his mind that he came to you thinking that you would help. Its there is his actions when he is trying to explain you what he wants. All this, only if the heart has eyes.
A mother giving birth to a child- that’s something not all of us would have seen but yes we can imagine. Thanks to the movies! Mother in pain, Doctors in haste, relatives in hope and the child crying. A normal case scenario isn’t it? Where is the beauty? Its there in the mother’s relief from the pain which we men can never experience and is highly inexplicable! Its there in the doctor’s help which is not ordinary at all! Its there in the relative’s hope and prayers for everyone’s well being. Its there, more importantly, in the child’s entrance in a completely new world. Its there in that delicate soul and a tiny body which is able to attract happiness from all over just by his shriek and energetic crying. Heart melting no?

We see what our eyes make us look but we are what our heart makes us feel and capture. Someone’s outward beauty is nothing if they are blind from inside. You think you are fat, ugly, overly slim that you look malnutritioned, short, overly tall to fit in, hairy, bald- but this is what the world makes such standards not that supernatural force that created us. Sometime soon just aware yourself with the FACT that soul is beautiful and not the body. The body’s beauty totally depends upon how well you create it- by hitting the gym, by putting fairness creams and stuff like that but the soul remains unaffected and untouched.
Once you understand that everyone and everything is beautiful in their own unique ways and that we just need those HEARTy-EYES to see, you will be eternally happy and at peace because in the end what matters the most is if we are happy in this bipolar world! πŸ™‚

Anuj Trehan


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