Tell them today that they matter!


There are some days when you need to be hugged a little tighter and for a whole lot longer. Not all days are your days. You know, life is so complex to understand. The moment you try to use your mind over it, it flips with a blink of the eyes and then there’s an echo of its devilish laugh. Personally, i have stopped making my attempts to understand it and have chosen to just go with the flow, unquestioningly yet with a ray of hope and curiosity.

For me life is a fruit salad. A blend of all fruits with different tastes mixed together where each fruit has something to do and that, not all fruits are your favorite ones. Some fruits taste sweet, some are citric, some are bitter while others have a bad appearance. We live by tasting each fruit every time but the unfortunate part of this is that it is pretty unknown to us when the fruit salad bowl gets empty!

Of late, I lost someone so close to me.I lost my grandmother. I was devastated, helpless and felt as if all the miseries of the world have chosen me this time. Not exaggerating much but I have become stronger over these 2 months of life may be because this had never happened with me before that I lost someone who used to stay with me and was so close to me. Frankly, that scene still gives me chills and a layer of dismay and repentance spreads all over. Everything becomes black and white, cold and dark.
So last night I happened to see her in my dreams. She was wearing pink and looked pretty as always! She hugged me and blessed me while i wept with my head slightly relaxed on her shoulder. She told me something but I forgot and I know she would come again soon. Woke up this morning with my thoughts completely glued to it and with a strong wish if it could have been for real. Only if it could! And this served the purpose of writing this blog today.

I will not at all get you emotional but would rather inspire you with something by keeping my emotions at bay. Let’s face it. We all argue with our parents at some or the other time on even the pettiest of the issues and it is kind of okay in today’s time because they understand and love us. We try to avoid our relatives when they are too nosy and overly concerned. We fight, ignore and gradually disconnect ourselves with friends who have been in our thick and thins at all times. Trust me, it is not us at fault but our circumstances. In this age of social media fever, where getting likes on Facebook profile pictures give us more happiness than watching childhood photographs with siblings, where that one “special”‘s mention in your Twitter notifications leave you feeling more loved than a gentle kiss on the cheeks by mom and where Gmail and LinkedIn notifications leave you more proud than a pat on the back by dad. True to the core no? We spend a too long of our time on things that will lead us nowhere but if that time is spent with our loved ones- its surely a blessing which is denied to many.

Missing someone? Call them. Remembering someone? Message them. Want to patch up? Now is the time! Want to confront something? Do it! This fruit salad bowl is too small for living without people you love and admire. Try to transfer the happiness you gain from your social media to the happiness you get when you are with your family. They may not increase your Facebook likes and Twitter followers but would definitely increase the love and time you all share with each other. Try to reciprocate that affection, concern, care and togetherness that they fill you up with. Just try at the initial stage!
Go hug your parents and tell them how much you love them. Go hang out with your friends and let them know how important they are for you. Go kiss your grand parents before it is too late.I am kind of repenting that I couldn’t tell her that I love her a lot but then not everything has to be told as it is automatically understood. She may not be at home but she already has a room in our hearts, an apartment in our thoughts and a mansion in our prayers.

Don’t get late. As soon as you are through with reading this blog, you know what you have to do. Hug out all differences, kiss out all worries and let words create a magic before its too late! 🙂


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