People-ology: The study of temporariness.

Welcoming the anthropologist version of myself, though not literally.

All of us are associated with each other in some or the other ways. No matter how, where and for how long, we just call it destiny, or at least I do.
Humans are simple, their needs are predictable and wants are specific. But people are complex, their needs are unpredictable and wants are influenced. I won’t talk here about the evolution of humans, their development and culture they dwell in, but I would rather talk about their nature, their faces and their behavior. In short, I would talk about people and not about humans.

They say, “Everything is temporary- moments, scenery, people. Do not get attached, just live and go with the flow!“. As and when I came across this quote, it influenced me so much so that I felt that there has been a sudden change in the way I associate with people and the notion I carry about them. Recalling my school days, I still remember the way I used to get attached with people so easily and deeply that their sudden absence used to hurt me. I used to question their unpredictability and used to find faults in self. Over the time, I was in a phase of self-degradation and self-doubt. I changed my ways of living and leading just to ‘fit’ in their expectations and crossed oceans for whom I thought would reciprocate the same for me when the time comes. And then when my expectations became disappointments, yes it did hurt that immature soul.

Time is the greatest teacher. It’ll teach you and groom you so well that you won’t look back even if it compels you to. I mean you may turn back but you won’t walk towards it. Talking about my Mr.Time, he has been a great teacher all through these years. One fine night, a question pops up in my mind while I was gathering myself. The question was- “How can I question the permanence of anything in this world even when the natural creations aren’t permanent? Forget people!”. People for whom I thought were the eternal part of my life are now rather just a phase. They will come, teach you how not to be exactly like them and then they will go. I, personally, consider people as instances of life just like we experience seasons. Astonishingly, my Mr.Time showed that people outshine the periodic seasons. Their tendency to change is much faster than the quarterly changing seasons. Just a single detachment from their zillion of expectations and there you are. “Do not sweat over seasonal people”- Mr.Time recalls me.

People are not bad. They are just seasonal. Adding onto this, “You cannot rely on anyone in this world. Even your own shadow leaves you during darkness!”.

Life’s a flight, everyone you meet has a role to play. Be welcoming on their arrival and thankful during their departure so that the airline called life can take off and reach to a whole new destination with it’s ultimate passenger- you. Let the flight fly high. Let it fly through thunder storms and cherish rainbows. Let the journey be bumpy so that you know how to change the gears to make it smooth. Just do not stop and keep yourself at halt. It is meant to fly and you are born to fly! MOVE ON!

“If you want come into my life, the doors are open. If you want to go from my life, the doors are still open. Just one thing, don’t stand at the doors, you’re blocking the traffic!”



4 thoughts on “People-ology: The study of temporariness.

  1. Time is the greatest teacher. It’ll teach you and groom you so well that you won’t look back even if it compels you to.

    This could be the best line I could ever read!

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