#MyRightToBreathe -WAKE UP to this ALARM! Is it ‘VISIBLE’?


We are currently living in the moment when the entire day seems like an evening- No sun in the sky, dusty air, no freshness, traffic, noise and mindlessness.
We always wake up when the alarm hits us. Until then, we are all the time in our sound sleep, dreaming, enjoying and not caring about the world. Quite relatable no?
A same situation has prevailed of late in our very own city, Delhi. We people have been sleeping, dreaming, moving, enjoying and certainly NOT CARING despite of the buzz by numerous alarms time and again. Be it crime rate, air quality, cleanliness or choosing the right candidate for Delhi’s responsibility (pun intended), we have been evidently sleeping all these years.

Like every year, Diwali is celebrated with a great pomp and show. There’s fun, frolic, greetings and festivities all over which serves as the real essence of Deepawali. Crackers and fireworks fascinate many but there’s a thing to be realized- What fun does it give by burning crackers? There were numerous people burning crackers and enjoying themselves this Diwali and then there were many of them who were wearing masks and then burning crackers. Sigh! Does the smog and noise attracts us too much that we are unknowingly becoming cruel to our own motherland? Or are we failing to do anything else that brings out and holds the real essence of a festival?

As per the facts and resources, the capital’s air has slipped into the ‘hazardous’ category post the festival, which means that the people are more prone to be affected with dangerous diseases and ailments like breathing problems, skin and eyes irritation and many more. The city has turned into a gas chamber. As the latest news hits in, many schools and institutions will be shut for the next 3 days due to the dropped levels of air quality we are breathing. Moreover, many road accidents have happened owing to this never-ending smog and negligence. People are buying masks to prevent themselves from air borne disease and have chosen to stay behind the closed doors for a while.

Think once, why should we do anything that will definitely make us resentful and remorseful in future for our own deeds? Isn’t it good to be right now than being pretentious in future and doing all the good to cover all the wrongs? We all are liable and stand on the same level of ignorance and carelessness as each one of us have contributed to this situation in some or the other way.

We can’t always blame the culture and the Government for all the loopholes that have been solely built by us over the years. Its true that our Government is showing uber slowness and negligence towards the issues, but the change begins from ourselves. Why to wait for the Government to take up the needful measures when we together can make a lot of difference. Are we simply giving up on this? Or will we just sit in front of the TV sets, condemn and criticize and not take any actions? Its rightly put- “When there is a will, there is a way!”. There indeed is a way only if the willingness is present among all of us collectively. I won’t discuss here the measures we can take to curb the Delhi pollution individually as we have been taught the same in ‘Environmental Science’ back in school. Each one of us is wise. The only thing is that those values and ethics need to be re-inculcated and our views and words have to be turned into actions towards a better and secured future.

I hope this blog has instilled a bit of motivation and a piece of mind to all the readers and I wish there comes a time soon when we all stand together and untied towards these evils of society. Let’s wake up to this alarm and ignore the ignorance this time!





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