We apologize, for they have forgotten that they too have mothers and sisters.
We apologize that this country is no longer led by ‘leaders’, for they are all merely ‘politicians’.
We apologize that it still fears you when you are alone, be it even your home or elsewhere.
We apologize that it is you who has always been at fault.
We apologize!

We condemn that we live in a country where we worship the goddess and at the same time break her soul.
We condemn that the same mothers who gave us birth and the same sisters who give us love are also used in abuses to the core.
We condemn that we being men are still fearful about our mothers, sisters, relatives and friends.
That you still don’t feel safe with us and haven’t been able to feel stronger.
We condemn the helplessness and hypocrisy.
We condemn!

We regret that you regret to be a woman.
We regret that parents still fear to raise and bring up a girl child,
That our society has always been questioning you, your existence and your life.
We regret that you have been helpless and fearful all these years.
That this shall still continue…
We regret!

Not everyone is same. Just like the 5 fingers of the hand are different, likewise we all are.

No man is same. No woman is same.
Not all men want her body. Not all women want his money.
Not all men are lusty. Not all women are so called ‘available’.
Not all men rape. Not all men are rapists. Yes, we exist.


-Anuj Trehan


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