Where are you looking for your happiness?

Some days are such when no mornings set in the shine and brightness, no matter what time of the day it is. Its dark and cold all over. Despite of what the weather it is outside, there is always a turmoil going inside- an emotional turmoil. Something that keeps us glued to those thoughts, something that doesn’t let us escape to a more peaceful inner world as they are always flowing, hovering and going on in our mind.

People take so much interest in our lives that they forget they too have one..or apparently a more miserable one. We are so easily affected by what others think of us that our own opinion about ourselves starts fading away. How easily we forget that it is OUR journey and it is us who face the ordeals and come out shining.

I, personally, never really stood up for myself. Now, that I have learnt that it is up to me how I would want to make myself feel, I have started ย working on myself not to get affected by anything or anyone. Somebody told me the other day- “Your happiness is in your hands. And if you go out for looking it in others, you never really had one!” I have been a convenience. I have been an option. But I have never let myself down or at least I won’t now.
Something that is best for us will always be average or uninteresting for others, probably because either they don’t understand your journey or you don’t understand them. In either case, why should we even care? Ask yourself! Are we here to please everybody we meet? Few will like you, fewer will love you and many will hate you and just when you focus and drain yourself over those “many”, you give up the power to enjoy what and who you are and that is exactly when the self-respect factor goes for a toss!

Liked by few.
Loved by some.
Hated by many.
Yet ignored by none!
– (Ahem Ahem, that is my solely my composition!)

Over these years, I have learnt one thing greatly. As long as you comfortably own and accept your flaws, nobody on this earth can use it as a weapon against you. Things happen to us as we literally ALLOW them to happen to us. Is our own self peace and harmony too easy and soft to get targeted by people who don’t matter to us for even a slightest of bit? Love yourself for who you are, because if you yourself wouldn’t..then who else would?


Trust me, its one life, one chance to get it all done. Either be a puppet or a master of your wishes! And throughout writing this blog, a line that inspires me in a way has been occupying my mind amidst all those thoughts that I had been trying to get it here..So here it is- “Thodi si yaari-yaara raahon se nibhaale, apne bhi toh kabhi apni chala le!” (Familiar yourself with the pathways of YOUR life, at least for sometime, somewhere.. think, act and stand up for yourself!)



2 thoughts on “Where are you looking for your happiness?

  1. Complete agree! The first time one expects others to be the reason for their happiness. It’s their very first invitation to anxiety! Some people will turn out to be good, but that should be a surprising and a bonus! Nice read! ๐Ÿ™‚

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