Diwali: Pleasure turned into Tradition.


We do an action, we practice it and we term it as a tradition. Despite of knowing the reality and the facts associated to it, we still choose to ignore for the sake of our personal pleasures and with no remorse at all!

So, the festive season and all that jazz is back and has also brought in a controversy along- The Supreme Court’s decision of imposing ban on firecrackers till 1st November 2017 in Delhi-NCR. While many people are extremely supportive of this small step towards change (including me), there is a major proportion of people who are completely opposing the ban. I feel its all subjective. We all vary in our opinions and how we perceive things. But after going through various statements and trying immensely hard to understand what the people on the other side have to say and in what all ways they were trying to vindicate, my opinions got stronger and more rigid.

We have been celebrating Diwali by bursting crackers ever since we were kids. Our excitement and curiosity  used to be way bigger and heavier than that bag full of crackers. At the same time and at the same age, we were taught about how we are majorly contributing towards environmental degradation by burning crackers. Yes, we were kids then. But now the time and the circumstances are no longer the same, not even near.
Diwali is celebrated because Lord Rama had returned after spending 14 long years in the jungle. Upon his arrival, the people of Ayodhaya lit Diyas, decorated the entire city with lights and wall hangings, and distributed sweets. Surprisingly, they didn’t have gun powder or Ammonium nitrate back then to make crackers. Then for what good reason on earth do we call bursting crackers a “tradition” on Diwali? Calling personal pleasures as tradition doesn’t really make them one right!

Not only this, people are considering the ban as a threat to religion. Have we gone so shallow that we are comparing HUMANITY with RELIGION? I know for the fact that once this situation of global crises goes out of hand, it won’t only kill Hindus or Muslims or any other religion selectively.


I know that pollution is not only caused by firecrackers and firecrackers are not only used on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. There are numerous sources which constitute pollution and there are many occasions where firecrackers are heavily used. But controlling one variant, for a particular time period, can make a huge difference! Ain’t doing something that would help us survive more better than knowing all the negative consequences and still choose to do nothing about it? Its about one night and the next day the hospitals are glutted with people seeking treatment for respiratory ailments.


Isn’t this fair enough? One one hand you call them needy and on the other hand you still choose to make them feel deprived of their basic needs. Rs 90,000 straight into fire which could have been wisely used to buy them their favorite things that could make their childhood memorable and special!

The problem here is not only that the “sole entertaining source of Diwali i.e. the firecrackers” (as cited by the famous novelist and public figure, Mr. Chetan Bhagat) have been banned but majorly of hypocrisy too!


Hypocrisy has a major role to play here in this controversy. People are linking the ban on firecrackers with the ban on vehicles too because they too emit pollution. We all need to understand there is a difference between a NEED and a WANT. Needs can’t be substituted and compromised but can be upgraded, altered and modified whereas wants can be let off. Vehicles are a need! Technology is pouring in, CNG is rolling in and we are developing alternative solutions to curb the vehicular pollution! But how are firecrackers a NEED? Have we become too selfish and ignorant just for the sake of our “entertainment”? Are we really fascinated by seeing the firecrackers bursting, by bearing all that tumultuous noise and inhaling toxic air?
Here comes the hypocrisy– People protesting against banning the vehicles just as the crackers have been banned temporarily, majority of them don’t even follow the “CAR FREE DAY” that is celebrated on the 22nd of every month!

This is as good as protesting against animal slaughtering on Eid when you yourself are an avid non-vegetarian.

It’s time for a massive revamp of our culture and festivals. Change the way you celebrate them. Make use of the education that has been imparted and stand out to make a difference. I am sure many of us will still burst crackers (Just like him, see the image below), but even if one individual doesn’t, it will be a remarkable contribution towards a better future.
So he says that the court has just put the ban on ‘selling’ of crackers but not on ‘bursting’ them. They have collected as many as 90K Rs as donations to distribute free crackers so that the kids in slums can burst them. Sigh. #WhereIsOurNationHeading ?

The point here is, we can’t manipulate the facts for the sake of our own fun and then coin them as traditions. Think! Where are we heading? We dream of an extra-ordinary 2050 and to be a super power one day, but are we really working towards that direction and with the required pace?
Do your bit! Be Proactive!

Don’t forget your Right to Breathe!

And amidst all this Diwali controversy, I came across some actually senseless posts that had NO relation with festivals and cracker ban!

Disclaimer:- Scroll at your own risk. #FacePalmALERT



I am pretty sure that most of you would have a different point of view on this firecracker ban controversy and way opposite to mine. But, to each his own. #Subjectivity
I hope I was able to state my thoughts in the most clear way possible which may have galvanized you to some extent.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali! Stay safe and healthy! #MyRightToBreathe #ISupportFirecrackerBan #HappyDiwali #Proactive #ThinkFUTURE


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